Adventures in Sightlessness: North Melbourne

One on one participatory artwork

Approximately 30 minutes duration

around North Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia

23 March, 2014

commissioned and presented by Angharad Wynne-Jones for the Festival of Live Art

Arts House, City of Melbourne

Blurb:During Adventures in Sightlessness you’ll walk for approximately 20 minutes along a designated route with eyes closed.

You’ll move more or less freely in space, along walls and past downpipes and on footpaths and over gutters. You won’t be alone, but you’ll need to feel the way carefully. You might experience a sense of the world moving around you, with you at the centre, rather than always going toward objectives. You might find that you’re surprisingly at home with your surroundings when you can’t see – and you might not as well.

This walk can reward the brave with an unexpected liberation that is only an eyelid away…