Arc d’Brunswick / Upfield Conduit

Pine, Stirling board, castors, fixings, mylar and attendants.

2400 x 3000 x 1400


Trainspotters INC, presented with the RE:SET Collective, curated by Camilla Hannan.

“While some say a life consists of a handful of significant events, others see a singularity of entrance and final exit. Upon this journey, some recommend you to smell the roses; others counsel to keep your eyes on the prize. Perhaps once in a lifetime there arises a perfect moment of choice which re-frames all that comes before and all that follows.” Bruce, 2014.


Bodies in motion I seem to put up with clothes that don’t fit me. Most c hairs make my b ac k ac he . I ’m p ho to grap he d unsmiling for identificat ion purposes. In the winter I get up to go to work, and return home again at night, in the dark. Excerpt from related proposal, Elliot, 2014.

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