Fringe Viewer

Howard & Mowson, 2015

Timber, fabrics, laptop, assorted hardware, attendant and occasional power supply.

2400 x 850 x 800


The Performance Arcade, Wellington, New Zealand, 2015

Festival of Live Art, Melbourne, 2016



“Two artists maneuver their strange cart through the streets of Wellington, inviting passers by to lie on their back and watch an algorhithmically generated video. The Mobile Fringed Viewer develops recent collaborative work by the artists where the acts of viewing, using, or listening are performed in a particular and bodily manner.”

excerpt from the program, The Performance Arcade, Wellington, March 2015


working drawking: Elliot

IMG_6400_Gussie Larkin (2)

GEM_6801 (95)_Gemma Ellis Credits

In situ at Wellington, New Zealand

Photography and video: Gemma Ellis

Video editing and sound design: Bruce

Working drawing: Elliot