Golden Guildotine (with aesthetic spangle)

Mylar, framing pine, chain, marine rigging, rubber, fixings

700 x 4000 x 2200


“This work forms an image of a guillotine, a tool of execution, a key symbol of revolution, a conduit to equality, sisterhood and freedom. You can look at this work, sit on it, lie down upon it and gaze toward the symbolic blade of change, or forget it.  You can be tickled by or ignore it as you ride by it on your way to the office or the shops.  But when you are aimlessly whiling away time on your device this work will come back to bite you.  It never gives up.  It is propelled by desire and fuelled by inertia. This work will change and it will change you.”

Elliot Howard, 2015.


Moreart, Moreland City Public Art exhibition, West Street, Brunswick, Australia

Festival of Live Art, Arts House, North Melbourne

Moreart Launch (High Res JPEGs)-152 copyMoreart Launch (High Res JPEGs)-151 copyrev-monument-mowson-+-howard

Revolution Monument

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