The Listening vs. The Striles of Ming

Timber, disco fabric, rubber, steel, fixings, cardboard, paint

Dimensions variable

Visual Arts and Crafts Centre

La Trobe University Gallery

Bendigo, Australia

13 February – 24 March



SUnlight from low cornerThe Listening vs Striles of Ming - Bendigo

Artist’s statement:

For this exhibition Bruce Mowson and Elliot Howard have produced a sculptural installation comprising a series of potentially useable box-like forms that will occupy the VAC’s gallery space.  On encountering the work the viewer may or may not be enticed into touching, occupying, seeing through, moving and listening to these artworks.  The viewer could also treat the works as discrete sculptural pieces, simply looking at them and wondering what they do and why they are there. By viewing, sensing and/or using the work, you have understood it. There are no authorised ways of coming to know it and there are no better or worse ways of knowing it that would qualify your specific experiences as more or less valid.